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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Faith. Family. Fellowship.
Paradigm Youth 
What is a Paradigm?
An example, serving as a model; pattern.  Also known as a mold, the standard or ideal.    

Paradigm Youth strives to connect with teens, and develop their relationships with God. Paradigm offers a range of events and platforms to aid the spiritual growth of students, to include: Mentors, Lessons, Worship, Youth Retreats, Group Outings, and a Faith-based community of support. We want to pour into our students so that they are the Paradigm of what a young Christian man or woman should be.  We want them to shine and be set apart from their peers at school, so they know there is a difference in their life, that being their love for Jesus Christ.

Meeting time and location: Wednesday Nights 6:45 pm Paradigm Youth Room 

Faith. Family. Fellowship.